Host 'Get Out the Vote' Rally

By: Rachel Alig Email
By: Rachel Alig Email

Member of hosted a 'Get Out the Vote' Rally Saturday afternoon. From 2 to 5p.m., community members and leaders filled Meridian's Dumont Plaza. It was a time for entertainment, but more importantly, a time to gather support.

Participation. Involvement. Action. That's what members of want to see from every American citizen. And Paul Tarver is one of those members. He believes there are certain responsibilities that come with being a citizen.

"Well our duties as a citizen primarily involve, getting and staying involved in the process, being politically minded in regards to the things and the decisions that are being made by the government. Obviously we need to pay taxes, obviously we need to do things to fund the government, and we need to be working towards the ideal set forth by the constitution," says Tarver.

According to Tarver, another key duty American citizens should fulfill is the act of voting. That's the message he and other members of hope to make clear.

"Well today, we are encouraging folks to get out to vote. This is a 'Get Out the Vote' Rally. It's an opportunity for us to remember what our duties as citizens are and to participate in the process."

Meridian Mayor Cheri Barry was also at the 'Get Out the Vote' Rally. She too stressed the significance of letting your voice be heard by voting.

"The right to vote is vital to maintain our democracy. As Americans, and if you are over the age of 18 years old, everyone has the right to vote and it is important to get out and vote. My stance today is to get out to everyone in the community, republicans, democrats, independents, get out and vote. It is your right as a citizen," says Mayor Barry.

Lieutenant Governor Phil Bryant agrees with these citizens that voting should be taken seriously. He believes this year's votes will be more important than ever before.

"We believe this is the most important election in our lifetime. November the 2nd will decide if we turn away from the Obama agenda and take back our country. Get back to the beliefs conservatives have of an independent nation where states have the rights to say no to overbearing government," exclaims Lt. Governor Phil Bryant.

No matter what your beliefs may be, says get out and vote.

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  • by Anonymous on Oct 26, 2010 at 04:26 PM
    To Lynn: I have a hypothetical question for you. What if you went to your job tomorrow and was told you no longer had a job? What would you do? You would try and find another job, but it might not happen overnight. Wouldn't you want to know there is assistance out there to help you until you get back on your feet? Not all people are undeserving. They are hard working people who have fallen on hard times. Some are the elderly who have paid their dues. Some are physically or mentally impaired. You are focusing on one program (AFDC). Everyone receiving help from the government is not on AFDC welfare. I don't know what's going to happen with the election Tuesday, but I do know that people in need will always be with us. Whoever is in office faces the same challenges. What would you propose they do with our tax dollars? Put tax dollars in a savings account? I wish all political leaders the best of luck. God bless America.
  • by Anonymous on Oct 26, 2010 at 01:58 PM
    To Lane: Within weeks of taking office, President Obama was faced with the arduous task of dealing with the bail out situation. He didn't create that problem. He has invested billions of stimulus dollars trying to get the economy back on track. Have your taxes been raised? He is only proposing raising taxes on those who earn over $250,000.00. There has been legislation to help with foreclosures and credit card debt. He signed a bill that has funded jobs for over 100,000 teachers and provided subsidy for Medicaid. Jobs are the answer for the improvement of the economy, and he is proposing bills concerning taxes on foreign trade. American jobs need to stay in America. You say President Obama's choices are his fault. What about governors? Do they have any responsibilities for their states? Noone likes paying taxes, but it is a fact of life. No, I can't call you a racist, but I know that is a problem for some. I just want things to get better for everyone and for the blaming to cease.
  • by Lynn Location: Meridian on Oct 26, 2010 at 12:51 PM
    To Anonymous- Am I angry about undeserving people mooching off us tax paying citizens? You bet I am! The govt has several jobs, but social programs ARE NOT one of those jobs assigned to them by our Constitution. Bet you didn't know that. There was a time when charity was just that- charity (done out of the goodness of ones' heart). I am sick to death of welfare programs that do nothing but promote a dependant society of people. Why do you think govt is the know all/be all of how our tax dollars are spent? Citizens DO have a voice & on Nov 2nd, you'll see just how angry people really are about the way this Congress has been ruining our country. You'll hear the voice of the citizen majority. I am all for helping those in need, but that should be an individual decision on HOW I want to help. If you want to give $100 to one cause, that should be your decision, while if I want to give $100 to another cause that should be mine- NOT the Govt forcing me to do so.
  • by Peabody Location: Zero on Oct 26, 2010 at 08:21 AM
    I now this may sound stupid but why not elect people that put this country first? No free trade agreement, no wars because we don't like their leaders {but bomb terrorist into fertilizer regardless of where they are at}. Try buying a T.V. that is made in this country. For the most part the President only signs or vetoes what is sent to him. Please send people to the Hill that cares about the good ole USA and not just their pockets.
  • by Lane Location: Meridian on Oct 26, 2010 at 06:38 AM
    To Anonymous- since you are so sure of what the Tea Party's agenda is, do you even know what TEA stands for? It stands for taxed enough already! And how about you put some substance behind what you say about President Obama's agenda? Please give specific examples of how the current Administration's policies are helping the poor and working poor as you state. I'm not going to hold my breath because you really can't point to a single policy that is helping the poor. Healthcare is already avail to everyone- even those who cannot pay for it receive treatment for emergencies from the local ERs. I do not agree with President Obama's socialization/govt take over of businesses and healthcare. Of course, I guess you would automatically just call me a racist-saying that is the only reason I disagree. That is a poor cop-out when you have no real arguement. Do I blame Obama for everything? Of course not! But, he is our Pres. & the choices he is making are NOT in our best interest.THAT IS HIS FAULT
  • by Anonymous on Oct 25, 2010 at 05:57 PM
    TO LYNN: Where in my post did I indicate that I was unemployed? You are apparently angry because you think someone undeserving will benefit from your tax dollars that you work for. Do you disapprove of paying taxes? Where your tax dollars are going? I don't want to pay taxes either, but I know I have to, and I prefer my tax dollars go toward legitimate needs. If the government wasn't the overseer of our tax dollars, who or what would be? Government needs to be a good steward of our tax dollars. I just have a problem with "fly-by-night" groups, bigots, and haters blaming President Obama instead of working with him. Tea partiers can dress it up anyway they choose, but they know the truth. President Bush did what he thought was best as all other presidents have thought. Why a tea party now? Haven't we always had to pay taxes? Hasn't government always interfered? God bless America!!
  • by Anonymous on Oct 25, 2010 at 02:51 PM
    TO RENEE AND CONSERVATIVE: You are right about one thing. I haven't attended any tea party meetings because I wouldn't be welcome. I would ask the hard questions. I am an active voter although I don't consider myself a political person. The only reason I am responding is because of the tea party headlines. The tea party is just a euphemism for "anti Obama". Where are the statistics? Take a poll and find out how many tea partiers are out of work, don't have health insurance, or are about to foreclose on a home. Taxes are a part of life, and government should be accountable and responsible stewards of our tax dollars. I would rather my tax dollars go to help the poor or working poor who really need it. Am I happy with the state of this country? No, but it is not one particular person's fault. President Obama is doing what he thinks is best for the poor and working poor, and not the rich. Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, and Conservatives should all be working together at this time.
  • by Lynn Location: Meridian on Oct 25, 2010 at 01:39 PM
    I hope everyone does Get Out and Vote next Tuesday! I for one am disgusted with the amount of government interferance in our lives & pray that the best candidates will win the upcoming election. As for Anonymous- sorry you are unemployed! It's a wonder you have time to get on a news blog and make comments instead of getting out there and LOOKING for a job. Of course, I guess someone is supposed to just come knock on your door and hand you a job. Is that what you expect? If so, that is exactly what is wrong with the current society- this mentality that everyone else has to take care of you. Man up and take care of yourself & stay outta my pocket! I donate money to causes I believe in & should not be forced by the govt to supplement every lazy human being's existance. If you are looking for work, perhaps it's time to step outside of the box and look in other areas if Meridian doesn't have what you need.
  • by Renee Location: Lawrence on Oct 25, 2010 at 11:17 AM
    TO ANONYMOUS: Shame on you for your remarks! You do not know or understand anything about the TEA Party nor do you know the actual people. They are striving for a better future for ALL! And where were they last election, voting for what they thought was the best choice and becoming pro-active to make sure the right choices are made. Anonymous, are you happy with the state of this country? Are you out there advocating for a better tomorrow for all or are you just blustering and complaining? I think I already know.....
  • by Conservative Location: Meridian on Oct 25, 2010 at 10:18 AM
    Isn't it funny how obvious some people can be with preconceived notions! Anon brings out all of the liberal arguments against the Tea Party, yet I suspect he/she's never been to a Tea Party meeting or attended any of their rallies. Until you've been to their meetings how can you know what their agenda is? How do you know what their proposals are? There are a lot of people in the Tea Party who have lost their jobs, but they know taxing business out of business isn't the way to help people get back to work. Tea Partiers may not have been involved as they should have been in the previous administration, but better late than never! Is their being involved what scares you? Have you signed up for their email list so you can see exactly what they believe. No? I didn't think so. Instead, you'd rather trot out worn out lies about exactly who and what the tea party is without following your own advice: "We should be educated with the facts." Anon's lack of facts simply proves how true that is!!!
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