Fire destroys home on 30th Avenue

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MERIDIAN, Miss. Meridian firefighters responded to the report of heavy smoke coming from a home on 30th avenue.

It happened around 4:30 Saturday afternoon. When firefighters arrived heavy flame was coming from the home. Firefighters were able to make entry and begin fighting the fire. Witnesses say no one was injured. The homeowner’s nephew says the fire started when he and his uncle were at the home.

“As I soon came out, he came right on with me. Something in that house must have caused the fire. When he asked me to come in to put out get fire, it was too late. The fire had broken out and everything,” homeowner’s nephew Ryan Watts says.

Watts says he is very thankful that his uncle is okay. He says he is upset the home is as damaged as it is. He says he tried his hardest to get the fire out.