First Responders: storm damage response

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) - In our First Responders segment this week, we aren't highlighting one individual, but an entire group that came together during and after Saturday night’s possible tornado.

Making sure everyone is safe, and ready to help anyone that might be injured, as soon as reports started coming in of downed trees and homes destroyed, there were countless people rushing to the scene trying to help, even with more potential bad weather on the way.

“We heard there was a lot of devastation over here. Immediately, myself, Jonathan Wells and Lauderdale County Administrator Chris Lafferty started texting back and forth saying we needed to do something,” Lauderdale County District Three Supervisor Josh Todd says.

“Some of us have been doing this for thirty years or more. You really begin to wonder what drives you when been doing it that long and see all the different types of incidents that we’ve had to work with,” Bailey Fire Chief Stanley Lucky says.

From chain sawing, moving logs and limbs, to operating heavy machinery, no job was ignored. If it needed to be done, there were volunteers, county workers, paramedics, emergency officials and others right there to meet the need. Some say they cannot describe the passion and drive they have.

"It’s hard to pin down the motivation. It’s a deep desire to help the fellow man,” Lucky says

The tireless amounts of energy and drive to clear the roads carried on into the early morning hours. With no power and little light to work on, they made sure to get as much done as possible.

“They’re here to help and that’s what’s so great. When you think all hope is lost for your nation and you see something like this happen and everybody pulls together, it’s a great thing to see. It’s a great thing to be a part of,” Todd says.

“It’s really hard to nail down what it is other than just an intense desire to help the fellow man, and they’re to be commended,” Lucky says.

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