Beating cancer: Part 2

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - We are continuing our look today at another local who is overcoming the adversity of a cancer diagnosis. We're turning our attention to a local businessman who was initially diagnosed with something totally different.

"Cancer was the furthest thing from my mind. I just thought I had a pulled muscle," says Ken LaBruyere.

That feeling of a possible pulled muscle is what sent LaBruyere to see his regular doctor two years ago, and from there he was sent to an out of town specialist.

"He said, 'I think you've got a stopped up saliva gland,'" says LaBruyere.

After medication didn't work, LaBruyere prepared for surgery.

"The doctor said, 'Well, I want to take it out.' I said, 'Go for it doc!' I just thought that it was one lymph node that he was going to take out. When he got into it, I had cancer all up my neck. It was coming down to my shoulder, and my hour surgery to get that lymph node turned into a six hour surgery."

Although recovering, two years later, LaBruyere says he's still taking chemo treatments.

"In February of this year when I went for my six month scan, I had a spot pop up in my brain back here."

Having learned from his first ordeal in 2014, LaBruyere says he quickly had that spot removed.

"Listen to your body! That's one thing that I can stress. If something hurts, don't put it off."

LaBruyere says another lesson that he has learned is that....

"The best medicine is prayer."

Just like a painting that's titled, 'After the Storm,' LaBruyere says he's living proof that cancer and survival can go hand-and-hand.

"I feel good and everything."

LaBruyere was diagnosed with a very rare type of cancer that affected his salivary gland. He's set to end his chemotherapy treatments next year.

For more information about the best ways to prevent and win the fight against cancer contact the American Cancer Society.