Can changing weather affect your health?

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - We all know weather can change in a matter of days in the twin states, but can those changes cause you to get sick? Local physicians say it has more to do with our actions than the way our body handles the difference.

“You are used to being outside in the warm weather, and now all of the sudden you have to be condemned inside,” said Andrea Laird, infection preventionist practitioner at Anderson Regional Medial Center. “When you are around a lot more people and when you are inside, a lot of times you are confined to smaller spaces. That right there will make viruses grow a lot more quickly.”

Laird explains that some illnesses are on the rise, including the multiple types of the flu.

“Normally in Mississippi I don’t start seeing a lot of high flu numbers until late January into early February, but I have been seeing flu numbers constantly high for the last several weeks,” explained Laird.

The flu affects the elderly and children primarily. Some forms of the flu lead to other complications, such as pneumonia and bronchitis. There are some tips to stay healthy.

“Cover your cough. Not by covering it with your hands, but covering it with a sleeve. Always wash your hands immediately afterwards. A lot of times when you have a runny nose or a cough, you want to use Kleenex. If you use Kleenex and cough into the tissue, throw it away and wash your hands,” explained Laird.

Physicians say you need to stay three feet away from someone to not get the spray from a cough. They recommend you to talk to a doctor if you feel like you are getting sick.

“Always check your temperature. If you have a temperature that is consistently above 100.4, that is when you need to think about how well you are drinking by pushing those fluids. If you cannot keep the fever down and you have taken Tylenol and Advil and things like that over the counter and you still cannot keep the fever down, it is time to come see your physician,” said Laird.

Flu shots are still available but Laird explains that it takes two weeks to gain immunity from the flu.