Christian home director, wife indicted for embezzlement

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NESHOBA COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) - The former director of Happiness Hill Christian Home and Academy, Jack Lee High and his wife, Karen Lynn High were indicted on embezzlement charges.

"Back in March of 2016, Pastor Murdock, that is in charge of the Christian children's home on Deemer Rd. came and reported there was some embezzlement by Karen and Jack High," says Neshoba County Sheriff's Department Chief Investigator Ralph Sciple.

Sciple says a state audit showed over $210,000 was missing from the Christian home.

"I talked to Jack High and Karen High," says Sciple. "I did my report. I got the report from the secretary of state's office and turned it over to the district attorney's office."

The two were arrested in April and released on bond.

The high's were taken into custody again on the indictment for embezzlement. Sciple says they served the indictment time and were released on bond. They're now awaiting trial for the February term of court.

"They're denying that they used money inappropriately," says Sciple.