Doggone story has happy ending

Brian Conaway and his service dog, Lindy

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - The story of a service dog that went missing in Meridian about a week ago has a happy ending. Lindy was reunited with her owner Monday night, thanks to a Good Samaritan in Meridian.

A local man, who wished to remain anonymous, knew about the missing dog from Newscenter 11's coverage. He spotted Lindy near the train station Monday afternoon and enlisted the help of his family, along with some food, to catch her.

The dog had been tied up outside a local convenience store Jan. 2 while her owner, Brian Conaway, was inside. Something scared the dog and she got away. Conaway was visiting Meridian at the time.

The local family called WTOK to get Conaway's phone number and arrange the reunion. Conaway, who drove several hours Monday evening to get Lindy, said he's very thankful to have her back.

"I just want, from the bottom of my heart, a lot of people have been trying to help me find my dog," said Conaway. "And I think a lot of people realized how important she is to me and I want to thank everybody out there who has helped me."

Lindy had minor abrasions and a few ticks, but is otherwise all right.

Brian Conaway and Lindy
Brian Conaway and his service dog, Lindy
Service dog, Lindy, found in Meridian.