Elderly people receive free window air conditioners

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Meridian, Miss. (WTOK) - A local organization is helping elderly people in Meridian beat the summer heat. Bridge Builders gave its last couple of air conditioners away Friday. Newscenter 11 spoke with recipients about the difference this will make for them as the hottest part of summer lies ahead.

The seniors came to Magnolia Park to pick them up from Dwayne Davis.

"We take it for granted when we walk into a cool home. And we don't know what the next person and how their conditions are at their home," said Davis,

The seniors were chosen after meeting certain criteria. Davis says some of the recipients either didn't have air conditioners or had ones that were broken and couldn't be fixed. Brenda Neal said being without air has been almost unbearable.

"I won't have to worry about if I am going to faint or nothing because I only had a little fan box. If I wanted to sit in the living room, I would have to take it and set it on a chair," said Neal.

Heat exhaustion can happen to anyone but our elderly and children are most vulnerable. Brenda Davidson said she plans to install her unit when she gets home.

"It is really important for our health. If you don't have health problems, it can cause health problems," said Davidson.

The organization gave units away throughout the week and Davis says he hopes others will choose to lead by example.

"It is something for our community trying to get other people to reach out and do the same thing, work together to put air-conditioning units in homes that need them” said Davis.

As for residents, they say it feels like a huge burden has been lifted.

"I feels like I have been awarded a gift from heaven,” said Neal.