First Responders: DUI Enforcement Officer Brian Kelly

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - In this First Responders segment, we meet a Meridian police officer who is a DUI enforcement officer. Officer Brian Kelly has been in law enforcement for 20 years. He is currently a DUI enforcement officer.

“I’m out here to assist other officers with accidents and traffic stops. I also remove impaired drivers from the road to make the roads safer for the community,” Kelly says.

Kelly started at the Newton Police Department where he worked for 10 years before working at the Newton Sheriff’s Department. He’s been with Meridian for a few years now. He says his interest in law enforcement is helping people.

“I started out in a small town and small county. You pretty much knew everybody, so you could feel the impact things you’ve done,” Kelly says.

On the streets of Meridian, Kelly says he does his best to remove dangerous drivers from the road.

“People who are drunk, impaired on medication or illegal street drugs,” Kelly explains.

Saturday night, Kelly was involved in a chase when he attempted to stop a person for reckless driving. That person arrested and charged with a felony. Kelly says some people don’t appreciate officers like others do, but he says he believes most people support them.

“There have been many times when people stop us to thank us for what we do,” Kelly says.

With his wife Samantha and their three children, Kelly says being an officer can be difficult when it comes to the holidays. He says his family supports him, but get nervous when they hear about attacks on officers.

“That concerns them, especially my middle girl. She gets pretty concerned about it. They know this is what I love to do and that I love helping people,” Kelly says.

Kelly says he plans on working for the next several years before retiring, even then, he says he might still work part-time.