First Responders: Jeremy Pogue

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MARTIN, Miss. (WTOK) - Jeremy Pogue is the Fire Chief at Martin Volunteer Fire Department. He joined the department right out of high school. With the dedication of his time as a volunteer to his job as a paramedic, Pogue says it's all about helping others.

Working as a volunteer firefighter right out of high school, Jeremy Pogue became a certified firefighter in 2007 and started working for the Meridian Fire Department where he fought fires for 6 years. Now, he’s been the chief of the Martin Fire Department for five years.

“I started with the mentality of, ‘I get to do some cool stuff.’ It kind of gets you. It just something that gets in your blood and you can’t get rid of it,” Pogue says.

In addition to being fire chief, Pogue’s day job is being a paramedic with Choctaw EMS. He says he made the transition after some thought.

“I felt that desire to be on the medical side of things. I kind of had to sit back and think and pray about what I really wanted to do. I knew what I wanted to do, but it took some time convincing myself,” Pogue says.

Pogue says it can be rewarding and difficult working in a community where everyone knows one another. He says sometimes it's hard to put emotions aside. Just recently, they responded to a call that hit close to home for one of the members.

"We still had a job to do and that was the toughest part. Seeing the people in my department having to deal with the personal emotions of it, but at the same time, watching them be such a great organized group. Making sure the job was done and taking care of the family," Pogue says.

Pogue’s wife says it can be hard at times, but she has an insight into the life Jeremy lives. She worked on an ambulance in EMS until their oldest child was 6 months old. Public service is part of their family. Even driving away on a fire truck on their wedding day. When it comes to family she knows he could be called out at any moment.

“We may be laying on the couch watching a movie and a call come in, we may be sitting in church worshiping and a call come in. Whenever the pager goes off, he gets up and leaves regardless of where we are and what’s going on. That side of it is even more demanding than the paid side,” says Lauren Pogue, Jeremy’s wife.

Pogue says being chief can be tough, but everyone works together very well. He says it's all about helping others.

"He loves people. He loves helping people. He loves his community,” Pogue’s wife says.

“The men and women that make up this department, there are no stipulations of when or when they are not going to go. When they're needed, they're there regardless,” Pogue says.