First Responders: MPD Det. Lee Sanders

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Detective Lee Sanders has been with the Meridian Police Department for the last 15 years. He started off as an officer before becoming a detective.

"I got involved in law enforcement by a retired captain, Capt. Betty Evans. She suggested that I should take the exam and see how I like law enforcement. 15 years later, here I am," Sanders says.

Sanders is a juvenile investigator. He handles crimes against juveniles and that are committed by them. He also works on other investigations such as burglaries and murder. Sanders says he comes from the old school and thinks much of today's crime can be prevented.

"If parents would stop being their kid's friend and be a parent, I think a lot of the situations we have in Meridian would go away," Sanders says.

He says he wants to help prevent children from heading down the wrong path.

"If the parent would bring the kid to me, maybe we can rectify some of that before they make that drastic decision to go to the left. Maybe we can correct some of that," Sanders explains.

Sanders is originally from Jacksonville, Florida. He was in the Navy and became stationed here. Sanders has a wife and four children, even a few grandchildren.

When asked about his future in law enforcement, Sanders says he would like to continue working for another ten years before retiring.