First Responders: MPD Officer C. J. Jimison

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - C. J. Jimison has been with the Meridian Police Department since 1992. He is currently a patrol officer who says he wants to help people.

"I just figured I wanted to do something to make a change. I retired from the military and I just felt like there was something in the community I could do to help people anyway I can," Jimison says.

Jimison is the fourth child out of 10 and was raised in a single parent home. He says one of the major problems in today's society is how much access kids have to guns and drugs. He says actual parenting is missing from many homes now.

"You got a 12 year old that won't mind his mama or daddy and you have to get the police out there to put them in line, that's beyond some of the things we should be doing. We still go out there and do it anyway," Jimison says.

Jimison says good parenting can change how much crime there is in Meridian. During his tenure in law enforcement, C. J. says he has seen a lot.

"There's a lot of stuff you have nightmares about. At night you want to go to sleep and be restful, but some of the things you've seen in life makes it hard to close your eyes and not see it," Jimison says.

Helping people is something Jimison takes pride in. He says it's all about taking time to serve the community the right way.

"I love challenges to a certain extent. I always felt that if I can help the little lady get her groceries in the house, then I think I made an accomplishment for that day," Jimison says.

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