First Responders: Meridian Firefighter Alex Bell

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - In this week’s First Responders series we highlight a member of Meridian’s bravest. Alex Bell is a Meridian Firefighter and has been with the department for just under two years.

“It kind of shocked me because our first day on the job I think we ran 12 calls from midnight to five in the morning and I felt like a zombie when I walked out of here,” Bell says.

He says it wasn’t until high school that becoming a firefighter sparked his interest. He says he and his friends were going to roll some houses during homecoming when they saw some thick black smoke. He says they decided to go check it out.

“It was a trailer and was fully involved. It kind of inspired me to do more and want to help people. It made me feel useless and made me want to do more for the community and the city,” Bell explains.

Bell says that if he had the training he has now, he would have known what to do in that situation. he says he is currently training to become a driver. In order to be a driver he says he has to know the trucks inside and out, as well as the best routes to take when they are called out.

“It will help me progress and it will help me be better as a firefighter whenever I get to rotate driving and riding,” Bell explains. “That way I will know more and I can help my guy do his job more efficiently which will put more ease on our captain and battalion chief,”

Bell is from the area graduating high school from West Lauderdale. He says helping people is something he is passionate about and will that in any way possible. He says being a firefighter is a lot of work but exciting at the same time. He says his parents were a little nervous at first.

“Well, my dad, at first was proud of me and thought it was a good idea, but then mom comes in there and she’s, ‘are you sure? What are you going to do?’ She freaked out just like every mom does because it’s their kid. And going into a burning building she’s like, ‘No, I don’t want my kid doing that.’ Now that I’m doing it she loves it and thinks it’s great,” Bell says.

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