First Responders: Meridian Police Officer Jonathan Hardaway

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - In our First Responders series we meet Corporal Jonathan Hardaway, a Meridian Police Officer who has been on the force since 2013. He is a member of the Meridian S.W.A.T. team and is certified C.I.T.

"I like the work. It's something different every day. We don't necessarily have to see the repetitive stuff that's happening," Hardaway says.

Hardaway grew up in Meridian, graduating from Meridian high school. He says enforcing the community he grew up in is helpful to him and the citizens.

"It's kind of good when you police where you’re from because you actually know who you're dealing with most of the time. You're constantly seeing the people you grew up with," Hardaway says.

Hardaway says he is passionate about preventing crime. He says crime will never be stopped, but he tries his hardest to slow down as much as possible.

"If you haven't been in the profession, it's hard to know what police go through and see throughout a daily basis," Hardaway says.

To protect and serve, Hardaway does what he can for this community something as simple as moving the shopping cart out of the roadway so you don't hit it, to racing toward an armed robbery in progress. Searching for the suspect.

"We do our job. We try to go home every night. But it's about that one person you made happy before you left," Hardaway says.

Hardaway says he would like to become a federal agent one day. He says it's all about working your way up to where you'd like to be.

"When you get in a profession, you have to start somewhere and everybody has to work their way from the bottom to the top," Hardaway says.