First Responders: Paramedic Garrett Lide

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - In our First Responders series we meet Garrett Lide who works for Metro Ambulance in Meridian.

Garrett Lide has been a paramedic with Metro Ambulance for about a year now. He says ever since he went on his first ride along, he's been hooked.

"If you can handle it, you're meant to do it. I enjoyed it and enjoyed helping folks. It just felt right," Lide says.

Garrett's partner is Ollie Brown. Garrett says he and Ollie get along great and are more than just coworkers. He says they are great friends and work well together. Ollie says Garrett is a good guy to work with.

“He's usually pretty good on the cardiology calls. He also has a great interest in music. We goof off a lot and listen to different kinds of music. It's a pretty good experience working with Garrett," Brown says.

At times, Garrett says the job can be rough. In those moments, he says everyone comes together and are able to talk about it.

"If anything happens that you're having a hard time with or having trouble with, chances are someone has been through the same exact thing and is more than glad to talk to you about it," Lide says

Garrett says he loves to learn and keeps books with him at all times. He went to Northeast High School before enrolling in emergency medicine at Meridian Community College. His goal is to continue working his way up in the medical field.

"I eventually want to get my critical care license and work on the helicopter. Critical care transport, air, ground, something like that. Probably, eventually, go to nursing school. I just want to keep moving forward," Lide says.

Being a paramedic and helping others is a priority for Garrett. He says he takes pride in it.

“I'm trying to further my education as much as possible, because I want to try to be the best," Lide says.

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