Garbage collection delinquency notices mailed

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Miss (WTOK) - Delinquency notices are being mailed out this month to Lauderdale County property owners who have failed to pay their garbage fee for this year.

"There are a lot of people that are property owners that have hundreds of rental properties, and we try not to make it so difficult on them to pay," says Lauderdale County Tax Collector Doris Spidle.

According to her, about $600,000 is still owed in delinquent garbage fees for this year.

"The way the law is written is that we can hold their tags after May 1st. We send them the delinquent letters in March, telling them that they have the delinquent garbage fee. A lot of people will come in in response to those delinquent letters."

The base garbage collection fee in Lauderdale County is $100 per year. People who do not pay it could risk paying a higher price.

"You realize that if you don't pay this, then you won't be able to buy a car tag next year," says Spidle. "Then by next year you would have this amount plus the other amount for the new year's garbage fee."

According to Spidle, her office is willing set up a payment plan for residents who need one.

"You don't have to come in and pay that $100 immediately," says Spidle. "You can make payments on it. We'll take $10 a month if that's how you want to pay us, or we'll take $50 a month."

With $1,302,6000 million in total garbage fees for 2017, Spidle says Lauderdale County has received high marks for its collection system.

"The state auditor told us about five years ago that Lauderdale County was one of the better counties as far as garbage collections," says Spidle. "They said they should use us as their role model, which is quite complimentary to us."

The deadline to pay this year's garbage fee in Lauderdale County is May 1st.