Investigating recent murder suspect's past violent charges

CLARKE CO., Miss. (WTOK)- Last week, Kaeshawn Turner was charged with the murder of Bryant Dear in Clarke County. His family is looking for justice in the case.

"I've got to keep mom strong, got to keep the family strong, you know," Bryant's brother Jeremy Dear says. "Keep our heads held high, you know. Hope whoever's involved in the situation gets what's coming to him."

As they wait to find out Turner's fate, Newscenter 11 is learning more information about his criminal past. Officials say Turner has already served time for another violent crime. Wayne County circuit clerk Rose Bingham confirms turner plead guilty to attempted aggravated assault in 2009. He was sentenced to 15 years with 11 suspended to serve 4 years total, followed by probation. After being released, Sheriff Jody Ashley says over a 2-year period, Turner was charged three times with three different shootings in Waynesboro - one of them a murder charge. The sheriff says he went to a grand jury three times, but because no witnesses would come forward, he was not indicted on any of those charges. Because of Turner's criminal history, Dear's mom says she's upset his bond was only set at $50,000 for her son's murder.

"It's too low. $50,000 for my son's life? You can't put a price on my child's life," Tracey Bland says. "It should have been higher. He shouldn't have a bond, really. He shouldn't have a bond."

The Clarke County Sheriff's Department says investigators are still interviewing people and searching for a second suspect in this case. Dear's family is asking anyone with any information to come forward.

"I just hope whoever you is, if you're looking at us, you see you hurt us bad," Bryant's sister Jawana Roberts says. "Y'all need to come up. God got something for y'all because y'all took something really good from us."

If you have any information in this case, you can call CrimeStoppers at 855-485-TIPS.