January 10, 2017 Kemper County Arrest Report

Anthony Hamilton, 01-09-2017; Disorderly Conduct

Anthony Hamilton, 01-09-2017; Bennie Jones, 01-05-2017; Failure to Comply; Possession of Marijuana

Cathleen Jordan, 01-04-2017; Public Drunk

Fredrick Rush, 01-03-2017; Motor Vehicle Theft; Burglary; Credit Card Fraud; Possession of Stolen Prope

Julius McGraw, 01-05-2017; Driving Whilel License Suspended ; Careless Driving; Failure to Yield for Blue Lights; Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon; DHS

James Craig, 01-04-2017; Public Drunk

Ladarius Naylor, 01-03-2017; Murder

Mark Jones, 01-04-2017; Court Order

Michael Burrage, 01-06-2017; Disturbance of the Family

Rodriquez Gully, 01-09-2017; Disorderly Conduct

Ronald Wright, 01-04-2017; Driving While License Suspended; No Proof of Insurance; No Permit

Willie Houston, 01-04-2017; Public Drunk