Louisville Animal Shelter needs adoptions

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LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WTOK) - Louisville Animal Shelter is overcrowded by dogs. It's begging people to adopt. The only way the shelter can take more rescues is if some of these fur babies find a new home.

"It gives them a new life," says Barbara Yarbrough, kennel director. "It gives them a second chance. Some of them probably a second and third chance."

The shelter is overcrowded by big dogs. They're housing 30 dogs and a few cats.

"Now you think, well that's a low number, but that's well over my capacity. I cannot house that many," says Yarbrough.

The shelter is equipped to care for about 25 dogs but only 16 big dogs. Many of these fur babies have been behind cages for months, hoping a loving family will choose them.

"That's not a life for a dog," says Yarbrough. "We had a dog that we've just sent off on transport. I had him a year and four months."

When adopting a new four-legged friend, you can spend time with any of the animals to see if it's the right one for you and your family.

"They come into the office and get to interact with the animal and see if that's right pick for them," says Yarbrough. "They have brought their other animals with them also to see if it gets along with theirs."

Don't let these pets go without a family, adopt your new best friend today.

"They're sweet animals. They are precious," says Yarbrough.

Adoption fees are only $20 per animal at Louisville Animal Shelter. The shelter is located on 110 Thompson St. Call the shelter at 662-773-4320 and adopt. For after hours adoptions, call 662-705-0398.