Love out loud begins weeklong outreach program

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Meridian, Miss (WTOK)- It was a night of worship Sunday night. Church people throughout the Queen City gathered at the Temple Theater in celebration of a weeklong mission to serve the community. This week is the 5th Annual Love Out Loud outreach program. Mayor Percy Bland applauded the church people’s effort to bring people from different backgrounds together.

About a dozen different ministries volunteer to spread a message of love throughout the region. Ben Shirley a member of Northcrest Baptist Church said this type of mission work aims to bring hope people. Shirley said more than 300 people will volunteer at agencies like Feed by Faith, the Baptist Children’s Village, and Habitat for Humanity.

“These churches all come together and work together outside the walls of the church into the community. I think that means a lot for people to see that. And also with in our own church as we serve together we grow stronger together,” said Shirley.

Savannah Pope plans to work with local youth.

“This week my favorite thing to do is go to the Boys and Girls Club. Our youth group goes from Nothcrest and at the end of the week we go over there at the Frank Cochran Center and we love on them, it’s really fun,” said Pope.

Sheila Turner a member of Fellowship Baptist Church in Meridian said some of the projects are one on one with individuals in need of help.

“We went to Lamar and helped a teacher move something's from classrooms, she wasn’t feeling well. She had some health issues I believe and we helped do that,” said Turner.

If you'd like to sign up, you can visit