Newton man shot and killed; police searching for suspects

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NEWTON, Miss--(WTOK) One person is in jail after the shooting death of a Newton man over the weekend. Authorities are seeking three other suspects in this homicide investigation.

Over the weekend, 21-year-old Jamarcus Townsend was shot and killed. Newton Police Chief Harvey Curry said it happened late Friday night. Law enforcement responded to shots at 113 Tillman Street. Authorities found Townsends’ body lying on the carport at the residence. Chief Curry said Townsend was pronounced dead upon their arrival.

“We did not find any guns at the scene. We did not find any drugs paraphernalia at the scene. We later on recovered a shotgun, a Remington 87 that was stolen out of Forest. Whether it was used in this, I have no idea. We are still waiting on the autopsy report which is going to be performed Monday,” said Curry.

Police are charging 17-year- old Lindell Jones with first degree murder. Police believe Jones and three others were involved in the shooting death of Townsend. Authorities have issued three warrants in this case. They are searching for Robbie Chapman, Richard Lofton and Kordan Myers. Police say is unclear if Townsend was targeted or what led up the incident.

“It has been in the last few weeks reports of shots fired in the area. Right now concerning this murder, we are still investigating it. I wish I could elaborate more on it, but I cannot because things are steadily changing,” said Curry.