Trump says health care order will help millions

Image License Photo: White House

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Donald Trump has signed an executive order to make lower-premium plans more widely available.

But the changes Trump hopes to bring about could take months or even longer. That's according to administration officials who outlined the order for reporters Thursday morning. The proposals may not be finalized in time to affect coverage for 2018 or perhaps even 2019.

White House domestic policy director Andrew Bremberg said that Trump still believes Congress needs to repeal and replace the Obama-era Affordable Care Act. The White House described the order as first steps.

Republican National Committee chairwoman, Ronna McDaniel, said President Trump continues to "make good on his promise to the 28 million Americans left behind by failures of Obamacare".

"While Democrats in Congress have yet to put politics aside and prioritize a health system that works for the American people, the president is taking a monumental step in the right direction today," McDaniel said.

Trump signed the order in the White House's Roosevelt Room surrounded by Vice President Mike Pence, members of his Cabinet and Congress.