Woman's rock project inspires her community

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CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (WEAU) -- “You really have to take a look at your life, put it into perspective, slow your life down and look at the things that are around you that you’re missing out on,” says Cathy Morgan of Lake Hallie.

After beating breast cancer, Morgan’s journey back to health began on a walk.

“Chad and I started our walking journey after my illness to try and get back into better health, mentally, physically,” she said.

As she got stronger, the walks got longer, and a new idea to give back to the community sparked.

“We had worked ourselves up to walking five miles a day and as we were walking, we were noticing different things that we had never noticed before,” says Morgan.

She she decided to place rocks painted with inspirational messages throughout the local parks and trails for people to find.

Morgan, along with her grandson Tannen, began with 25 rocks in a park and posted about the project on Facebook.

”I was thinking people are going to find this rock and nobody’s going to even bother to say, ‘Hey I found this rock,’ and it was a little girl grinning ear to ear like it was the greatest thing she had and she was going to hold onto that forever," said Morgan.

The response made her want to go bigger.

Members of the community helped Morgan place 1,000 rocks throughout the area.

“I enlisted the help of the Boys and Girls Club,” Morgan said. “I have coworkers that are hiding rocks in Bloomer, Menomonie, Lake Wissota, Rays Beach, Altoona. They’re everywhere helping me today.”

As Morgan's journey continues, she hopes the rocks will allow others to tag along.

“We don't know what the person next to us is going through on any given day,” she said. “If all I get out of it is a smile because they looked at it and it meant something to them, that's fantastic.”

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