East Mississippi Ultimate Adventure Deer Hunt

Russell, Miss. Outdoors Without Limits kicked off its third annual East Mississippi Ultimate Adventure Deer Hunt.

The event took around seventy disabled hunters of all ages from all across the southeast hunting Friday. The land, supplies, and manpower were all donated for the hunters to use. A fundraising dinner and benefit was put on for the hunters this evening. Raffles, along with live and silent auctions, helped raise money for Outdoors Without Limits.

"We just spread the love and we want people to come out and be a part of this event, and if they are not a part of it this year, we want them to be a part of it next year because when you take a hunter that otherwise might not have the opportunity, you change lives. And that's what we do, we change and save lives," said Kirk Thomas, the founder and executive director of Outdoors Without Limits.

The hunters will head out Saturday to get another full day of hunting in. If you would like to get involved and help these people out, you can go to www.outdoorswithoutlimits.net.