UWA Probation Update

A committee with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, or SACS, placed the University of West Alabama on probation last December because of a split at the time among members of the school's board of trustees.

Thursday, members from a SACS committee were back for a meeting of the board to see if things were resolved.

"We're very pleased with what we saw at the governing board meeting," said SACS committee chairman Dr. Clinton Bristow.

This could mean good news for the university.

"We think we will get a very positive report. We will not know though until December when the commission meets to vote on the report," said UWA president Dr. Richard Holland.

That's when the university will find out if it will be taken off probation.

Although the probation had nothing to do with the school's academic performance, officials say it has had an affect in the classroom in terms of enrollment, especially among incoming freshmen.

Numbers show there are currently about 50 fewer freshmen enrolled at UWA this fall than last. School officials say many of the prospective students who chose not to come expressed concerned about the university's probation status.

In efforts to further comply with SACS, UWA's Board of Trustees is now looking to update its by-laws.

"One of the things that has not happened in a while is that the by-laws have not been revised to meet the current committee appointments and we have to go back and bring it into compliance," said UWA Board Trustee chairman Alex Sadd.

Meanwhile, with several new members on the board and things seemingly of one accord, university officials say they are confident that the school will be taken off probation in December.