Children First: Targeting "Title" Funds

Lauderdale County's federal programs director, Lisa Hull, said federal program dollars, or "Title" funds are used in the schools with the most needs.

"We rank the schools based on poverty level, and then they get a per pupil allocation based on the number of students who qualify for the program," said Hull. "With our safe and drug-free schools we have an advisory committee that we look at and it funds some of our DARE activities, Red Ribbon Rally Week and things like that."

Hull said the district has been using its Title V funds, for example, to improve libraries.

Northeast Elementary School received the most based on their poverty level, said Hull.

"We actually have four schools that are above the 60 percent mark, and that is Northeast Middle School, Southeast Middle School, Northeast Elementary, and Southeast Elementary. And they will get more per pupil of the allocation than Northeast High School, Southeast High School, and Clarkdale Attendance Center," Hull said.