Annexation Fight Brewing

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A group called Citizens Against Annexation will hold a public meeting at Northeast Middle School Thursday at 7 p.m. Annexation Attorney Jim Carroll of Jackson has been invited to meet with the residents.

Eagle Point residents Albert Herrington and A.M. "Bubba" Martin discussed the issue Monday.

"We basically have all the services that we need out here," said Herrington. "We don't have any need for the sewer, water or any of those things."

"Where I am living now and where the other 633 families that comprise this area live, we're living in an area that cannot benefit from paying city taxes," said Martin.

"But cherry picking areas that are already receiving all the benefits they need is nonsense," added Herrington.

Martin said opposition to annexation is widespread.

"I would say there's hardly anybody who is in favor of annexation here at Eagle Point," Martin said. "And I suspect if you go down Van Zyverden Road and visit those new subdivisions that have occurred within the last five or six, seven years you will--I'd be surprised, if you'd find anybody who is in favor of annexation."

Both said the meeting Thursday is primarily informational. Carroll, who is representing a number of residents, is expected to explain the reasons for fighting or not fighting the annexation. Herrington said he believes he knows what is likely to happen.

"This is the beginning of either a fight or an acceptance and I feel that the fight is what we're headed for," said Herrington.