Supervisors Pass Final Budget Plan

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The Lauderdale County board of supervisors met Wednesday to pass its Fiscal 2005 budget. At the last moment District 5 supervisor Ray Boswell proposed it be amended.

"I'd like to suggest, since the people are very interested in not having a tax increase, that there's quite a bit of money still in the budget that we could cut without any problem," Boswell said.

Boswell then listed some possible savings, including one affecting Meridian Community College.

"We give an additional $100,000 is in the budget to give MCC and MCC is a good college, there's no question about it, I'm not against MCC, but with a tight budget like we have now, I suggest that we not give that $100,000 this year and maybe look next year at doing something for MCC," said Boswell.

The other supervisors rejected the idea and passed the budget 4 to 1.

"I would like to say for the record, during this entire budget process, you sat there in the board meeting while we were working on the budget with your pocket knife, picking your fingernails and you never looked at any of the line items and now you're going to come here on the day that we're going to propose this budget," said board president Joe Norwood.

"I say you're a bald faced liar," said Boswell.

"Thank you very much, sir. It takes one to know one," replied Norwood.

A scheduled work session of the board has been moved from Thursday to Friday morning because of the anticipated effects of Hurricane Ivan.

Editor's Note: When this story was first posted, a transcribing error wrongly identified some of the statements made by Mr. Norwood and Mr. Boswell. Newscenter 11 has corrected the statements in the paragraphs above and apologizes for the error.