What Made News 9/10/01?

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The focus is on Sept. 11 2001, but what about Sept. 10, the day before 9-11?

What were the stories that led that day? We led with a church burning story that happened over the weekend before in Smith County. Andrea Williams led with the story on a weekend fire that destroyed a church in the Burns community.

State and federal prosecutors joined the investigation. They were looking into the cause of the fire.

And in Meridian, Stan Torgerson worked a story detailing county takeover of the city animal shelter. Officials believed to make the new arrangement the structure would have to be enlarged. At the Meridian Star editor Buddy Bynum says Sept. 10 was a normal news day, the top story was dealing with two of three Meridian police precincts could be closing. Finding a place for the riley center was also on the front page. On the sports page a story on the Clarkdale softball teams. So it was just a routine day on Sept. 10, it was not the case just a day later.