New Cancer Center Opens

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Oncologist Dr. David Nix said "state of the art" is the correct terminology for the new center.

"For one thing, we're going to have a lot of physicians working together and collectively we have a lot of experience and so we can collaborate much better," said Nix.

Four doctors are in the Meridian Oncology Associates group: Dr. Nix, Dr. John Clay, Dr. Dwight Keady and Dr. John Halbrook. In addition Dr. Scott Anderson is located in the new center.

While the facility is owned by Jeff Anderson Regional Medical Center, members of the Meridian Oncology Associates can practice in any Meridian hospital. Dr. Nix said the medical profession is gaining in its search for better cancer treatments.

"We really are and it's slow going unfortunately, but there are new exciting breakthroughs being made all the time," Nix said.

Nix took us on a tour of the facility, showing where the chemotherapy is mixed and the doctors first write orders that tell the dose of the chemotherapy medicine. Once the chemotherapy is mixed, it is then delivered to the treatment room where it's administered to the patients.

Blood samples are tested automatically in a chemistry analyzer. Lab technician Kalena Luker demonstrated how the information is entered.

"This is like a complete metabolic profile which is a general report of your liver function, your blood sugar, your kidney function and that type of thing," explained Luker.

Dr. Nix says he believes the new facility is a major step forward.

"We expect this to be one of the best treatment centers in Mississippi if not in the Southeast," said Nix.