New Apartment Complex Proposed

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News of a proposed development to build a $10 million apartment complex in Meridian was revealed Tuesday by Don Farrar, director of community development for the city of Meridian.

"Based on information that we received from the Park Company, a developer out of Jackson, they intend to build a $10 million residential project, 136 units from one, two, three bedrooms, market-rate apartments ranging from $340 to $550," Farrar said.

Farrar said the developer has been working quietly on the plans but revealed them now because they want council permission to use 29th Street. It is an unopened right of way and it would give them access to Highway 39.

"This is based on information we have received from them. We haven't received any plans from them yet but they have told us that they have purchased the property, about 14 acres," said Farrar. "Twelve of that would be used for residential development and two would be reserved along Highway 39 for commercial development. We'll be meeting with these developers in the next few days to find out more information and hopefully we can bring some drawings and plans and schematics back to the council to show on it as the project develops."

The site was previously proposed as a baseball field for a minor league team. It's located north of 26th Street and south of 30th Street between 10th Avenue and Highway 39.

It would be among the largest apartment complexes built in Meridian in recent years.