Updates on Water Safety Advisories

A boil water notice is in effect for Southwest Lauderdale Water Association customers on Point Wanita Lake Road and Brown's Cutoff Road.

It's in effect for 72 hours, or at least until Sunday, once service is restored.

A main water line in the system broke and interrupted service. Boil water notices are necessary as a precaution whenever service is interrupted. Call 693-5919 if you have questions.

In addition, the boil water notice for customers of Russell Utilities has been lifted. Tests by the state Health Department revealed no problems.

State health officials have lifted the precautionary boil water notice for customers of East Quitman Water Association. Lab tests showed it's safe and boiling is not necessary.

The boil water notice for NTS Utilities, issued when pressure was lost due to Hurricane Ivan, has been lifted. Boiling is no longer necessary.

The boil water alert for the town of Union has been lifted by the Mississippi Dept. of Health.

The precautionary boil water notice for the Harmony Water Association #1 in Clarke County has been lifted. Tests have verified it's safe to drink.