Children First

Now in its first year, Russell Christian Academy has 94 students enrolled in kindergarten through 12th grades. Although things are going well, administrators say the school is truly nothing short of a miracle.

"All the students’ desks were given to us by a company out of North Carolina where our pastor at Russell Baptist Church went and picked up 141 desks and chairs free," saif RCA headmistress, Carol Davidson.

"All of the teachers’ chairs and tables and waste baskets and bulletin boards came free on a freight truck that came in from Florida," said Davidson.

Also free are all of the books and almost everything else in the school's library. When it comes to donations, it doesn't stop with just desks and such. More than 60 computers have already been donated to the school.

"Sometimes it's just not so easy to explain," said Davidson. "We'll think we have a need and all at once it's supplied and it's wonderful!"

Meanwhile, if things go as planned, Davidson says in the near future things will get even better.

"Our pastor being a visionary, he even has dreams of a college campus on these grounds," the headmistress said. "It's truly, truly wonderful. It's like a miracle in the making."

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