A Sunday of "Girl Talk"

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It was an afternoon of fun and full of "girl talk" for mothers and their daughters. Riley Hospital sponsored the "Girl Talk", and it brought girls from ages 10 to 13 together to discuss issues they may face and it gave them the opportunity to lean from some local experts.

"Ten to 13 can be a tough time to talk so were just trying to give them some things to talk about," said Claire Aubel with Riley Hospital.

"When I was their age I did not know half the things they know. I think this day was just a good day and for them to have fun," said Lauren Pedroso, a panelist.

They hope the forum will open up the lines of communication regarding subjects that sometimes can be hard for mothers and daughters to express.

"I feel being able to talk to your daughters is very important to prepare them for what they have to face when they become adults," said Shari Polk, a mother.

Riley hopes to have another panel in February.