Debating the Debates

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Debates between the presidential candidates showcase who they are and how they "perform" under the pressure and scrutiny. Any word, expression, or perceived misstep can receive a large amount of scrutiny.

Prior to the debate, Lauderdale County Democratic Party chairperson Melba Clark said Kerry's advantage is his service.

"He didn't run; he didn't evade. And that has been emphatically proven," said Clark.

Bush supporters say his knowledge of the position is a key strength.

"I think he is certainly going to be more knowledgeable than Kerry about the economy and foreign policy," said Sally Brown, chairman of the Lauderdale County Republican Party chairperson. "He has served as president for four years. He has done a tremendous job under a large amount of pressure."

Second presidential debate:
Washington University in St. Louis
St. Louis, Missouri
Friday, October 8

Third presidential debate:
Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona
Wednesday, October 13

Vice presidential debate:
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, Ohio
Tuesday, October 5