Education Leaders Eye K-College

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Mississippi's top school officials are visiting schools around the state to gain perspective on how to improve the education system, from kindergarten all through graduate school.

Poplar Springs Elementary and West Lauderdale Attendance Center
were part of the tour. Both schools achieved the coveted Level 5 ranking, the highest that can be assigned.

"Public schools, the traditional K-12 public schools, the community colleges and the universities all represent a continuum of education that will help improve the quality of life in Mississippi," said State Superintendent, Dr. Henry Johnson.

The goal of this panel is to improve the quality and continuity of education from beginning to end, by increasing the intensity of the student's experience.

One of the things that all three of the chiefs want to do is to increase the rigor of the schooling experience, particularly high school.

Superintendent of Meridian Public Schools, Sylvia Autry, said the secret to having the best in education, is having the best educators with all the best tools.

"Then you have got to have highly qualified teachers," said Autry. "You have to put the best teachers in every classroom. You have to give them the training they need to deliver the curriculum that's going to be tested."

Dr. Johnson praised local schools for their continuous improvement over the last couple of years.

The three leaders of education were later part of a news conference and reception at the MSU-Meridian campus, following a tour of Meridian Community College.

Dr. Johnson, along with Dr. David Potter, the commissioner for the institutions of higher learning, and Dr. Randall Bradberry, representing the state board for community and junior colleges spoke about the importance of education and funding.

The next stop for the three chiefs of education will be McComb as they continue touring the state touting education.