Lott Goes on the Record

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Fourth District congressional candidate Mike Lott, a Republican member of the state House of Representatives, appears Sunday on WTOK-TV’s "On the Record" program.

Lott represents Mississippi House District 104, which includes Forrest and Lamar Counties.

Lott is opposing incumbent Democrat Rep. Gene Taylor, who has served in Congress since 1989. Taylor is a ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee.

Lott was asked if replacing him would weaken the state's position on base closure.

"I've never seen anything in print or heard any information about the president wanting to close Mississippi's military bases," said Lott. "Each one of our military bases serves a distinct purpose and a useful purpose and I don't think they're in danger."

Lott, however, said he would favor closing bases overseas.

"I would support closing the military bases overseas, especially in countries who don't support our efforts to defend freedom around the world, specifically our freedom," Lott said. "Closing those military bases, bringing those personnel back home because we need to increase our border patrol here in the state. Our borders need better protection."

Lott was asked if he believes Clarke and Jasper Counties are getting their fair share of the federal pie. He says they are not.

"When you talk about representation, you're talking about areas that have stronger bases of Republican values as well, and that's why I think we need someone who can more closely align with their values and ideas that will represent the type populace," Lott said.

Lott's occupation outside of the state Legislature is serving as the executive director of the Hattiesburg Area Educational Foundation. He attended William Carey College, New Orleans Seminary and Louisiana Technical University.

Lott began his service in the Mississippi Legislature in 2000.

WTOK's "On the Record" with Mike Lott will be seen Sunday at 5:30 p.m. on Channel 11.