Supervisors Consider Fees, Fines

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Lauderdale County supervisors were advised by their attorney Rick Barry on Monday that it is time to consider the county's garbage fee for next year.

"This amended order for this year which we adjust annually is the exact same order that we adopted last year," Barry said. "It sets up, I believe, it's a $60 a year garbage fee. It can be paid $5 a month. Also provides certain exemptions."

The exemptions include reduced fees for certain senior citizens and for those residents who are handicapped. The motion passed unanimously.

Then supervisor Craig Hitt revealed the board may take steps to prevent illegal dumping in those boxes by hitting violators where it hurts, in the pocketbook.

"I feel, and I think this board feels, we have some real issues with our green box locations and the use of those locations and we are looking at pursuing increasing the fines of the abuse of the green boxes and what is dumped at those sites," Hitt said.
That would also include non-Lauderdale County residents as well as city residents who do not pay county garbage fees.

"And I don't think we can start too early in notifying the public that there, hopefully, will be some increase in the fines, and I hope we will be prepared at the next board meeting to address that," said Hitt.

The present fine for violating the green box ordinance is $25. Hitt said there is no agreement yet on the increase, but it is likely there will be one of some amount.