Dealing with Flu Shot Shortage

The official start of flu season is still a few weeks away and officials at Greater Meridian Health Clinic say they have already received at least 400 requests for shots. However, the problem is that there is not any vaccine available, for now at least.

Recently, a flu vaccine shipment from one of the nation's top suppliers was found to be contaminated. Because of this, shipments from that plant in England have been cancelled. This has therefore delayed shipments not only for clinics such as Greater Meridian, but others through the twin states and nation at large.

According to officials with the Mississippi and Alabama Health Departments, shipments of the vaccine are expected to arrive by the end of next week. However, if things go as planned they will not be available for everyone.

Because of the shortage, health care advisers are asking healthcare providers to first administer the shots to the elderly, the very young and chronically ill. As for everyone else, they're advising going back to the basics and hand washing as a key way to ward off the bite of the flu bug.