See You at the Pole

Students across the nation met at the flagpole on school campuses Wednesday, to pray together before school started. The annual ''See You at the Pole'' event drew an estimated three million students.

Meridian High School was among those schools participating in the student-led prayer.

Meridian High graduate Joseph Johnson led the crowd in songs of worship.

"No matter what our differences, God, we come in Your Name," prayed MHS student Broderick Coleman. "We'd like to pray for our school. We know that nobody's perfect, but that's what we strive for in Your Name. We pray for the situation of our nation. And we'd like to ask you to help us grow farther in Your Name every day."

"We thank you God for an opportunity to stand today and to represent you," said Eartha Matthews. "Father, we stand right now on these premises, God, because we need you here, God. We need you in our educational system."

"I hope everyone will realize that you can pray for your school and for your friends, for your nation, any time," said organizer, Katie Snowden, a student at Meridian High. "But I do think it's very important for us to gather together this morning and show others our group effort to help our school and others among us in our nation."

See You at the Pole started in Texas in 1990. At that time, a group of students went from school to school, gathering at flagpoles to pray for their friends and leaders.