Burn Advisory Update

Although the official start of fire season is still a month away, for many in the Twin States, we were just days away from feeling as if we were already in it.

According to the National Weather Service, many in Mississippi have gone 31 straight days without any measurable rainfall. This, plus the fact that there have been more than 100 wildfires across Mississippi over the last seven days, placed many in our area on the verge of a burn alert or ban.

However, thanks to projected rain over the weekend, local foresters say that likely will not be necessary.

"We hope to get two inches and maybe it will last a week or a week and a half," says Ed Brown with the Mississippi Forestry Commission.

Brown says this is good news especially for many hoping to burn debris left from Hurricane Ivan.

"All the damage we had in Lauderdale County, there's still a lot of cleanup going on. A lot of debris down in the forest and with a dry situation if a debris burn escaped, you know we would have had trouble getting the fire put out because of all of this downed timber and stuff we have.

If you are going to burn debris, Brown says the best time to do it is a day or so after it rains. After all, with October traditionally a dry month he says you don't know when you might have the ideal situation to do so again.