Contractor Prepares for Project

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The work to clean up debris along Meridian city streets from damage caused by Hurricane Ivan is set to begin Wednesday.

The city has been divided into to four quadrants, east-west at 29th Avenue and north-south at 20th Street, by bid winner, Poor Boy Tree Service of Fair Play, MO.

Each quadrant will have its own separate crew, according to company representative Brian Wollbrink.

"We can only handle trees and limbs, etc., no household debris or garbage of any kind," Wollbrink said. "Basically, any wooded debris anything that was or is green and growing needs to be within 10 feet of the street. Anything in the city right-of-way will be picked up. It has to be in the city right-of-way."

Poor Boy Tree Service will have 45 days to complete the project.