County to Toughen Ordinance

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There are three common violations of Lauderdale County's green box ordinance, as determined by county officials; people from other counties depositing garbage in them, city of Meridian residents using the green boxes and people depositing something other than household garbage in a green box, such as tires, appliances and things of that nature.

Up to now the fine has been $25. A public meeting will be called for November prior to toughening the law.

"It's to consider increasing the fines for the green box violations on residential. It'll increase the fine from $25 on first offense to $100," said supervisors' board attorney Rick Barry. "It will go to $200 on second offense, to $500 on third offense."
That would be the fine for Lauderdale County residents. For non- residents who violate the ordinance, the fines would be even higher.

"For non-residential violations, first offense, and I don't know what it is now, maybe $100, it will go to $250 for the first offense, $500 for the second offense, $750 for the third offense and I believe on the third offense it also has some alternatives about maybe up to one year in jail," Barry said.

Sheriff Billy Sollie reported that in the past two years there have been 120 tickets given for violating the ordinance. Sollie also revealed the Riley Foundation has agreed to buy the sheriff's department a new SUV, if the county buys one on its own.

The money for the county's vehicle will come from their new security mission at Key Field. In addition, three new Ford Crown Victorias were scheduled to be purchased with taxpayer dollars, but supervisor Craig Hitt said that's not enough.

"Along with the five vehicles that the sheriff has itemized here, I will make a motion that we purchase two more Crown Vics to go into the fleet," Hitt said.

All these items will be discussed at Monday's regular meeting of the board of supervisors.