Volunteers Spread Love

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There was a larger than usual number of volunteers at Love's Kitchen in Meridian for Thanksgiving Day this year.

"I know I get to have a big Thanksgiving dinner with my family, so I don't see why other people can't have a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner too," said Kip Courtney.

"It's really important, I feel, to help out in our community on days like this," said Alyse Hobgood. "My family isn't eating until later this afternoon, so I thought, 'why not do something useful and not just sit around my house?’"

"There are a lot of people less fortunate than we are. This community has meant so much to my wife and her family that we feel it's really important to give back," Russell Williamson said.

"I think this is wonderful because this is my first Thanksgiving and they help the other people," said exchange student Maria Roca. "I think that it's very nice that American people are kind with other people. I am learning about this here. This is nice!"

"Well, I figure that you have this whole entire day, and if everyone gave two or three hours, then every little bit helps, so I'm going to do my part to help," Emily Womack said.

"This is what it's all about, giving back to the community," said Tom Hutton. "And I think it makes everyone feel good that people are getting great food here and it's good fellowship, just the smile that it brings on everyone who comes through this line to get food. It just makes you feel good."

WTOK news director John Johnson and his family also volunteered to serve at Love's Kitchen.