Beating Could Lead to Charges

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A Louisville family was updated Thursday on an investigation involving the beating of three members of that family.

The incident happened after the USM vs. Jackson State football game.

"Until we get back and we're able to check in with the rest of the people we have involved with the case, we're not going to make another release until we get back, said " USM Chief of Campus Police Bob Hopkins.

Members of campus police and other law enforcement agencies met with the Davis family to update the group on the ongoing investigation, and give them a heads-up as to the direction that they are headed.

"As you could imagine, nothing that law enforcement could say at this point, this early stage, would really be pleasing to them or completely satisfactory," said Davis family attorney Ramel Cotton.

The incident in question occurred on Aug. 31, when three members of the Davis family and a family friend left the Jackson State-USM football game in Hattiesburg. While waiting in traffic to exit campus, the men were dragged from their car and beaten in the street. One of the men, Eric Davis, required hospitalization.

Some have called the attack a "hate crime." The Davis have aided police in the identification of their attackers.

"They have been able to identify some individuals, as well as just to help the enforcement put the pieces of the puzzle exactly how this incident came about, and what took place," said Cotton.

For now, the Davis family says it will continue to aid law enforcement in the investigation of this incident. And they will hold off all legal action until the time it becomes necessary.