County Approves Budget

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The Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors voted to approve the coming year's budget, but not without more disagreement about how much money is being spent.

The $38 million budget represents about a $1.3 million increase from a year ago. The board actually lowered the millage rate, but because of an increase in property values in the county, was able to collect more money than a year ago.

District 5 Supervisor Ray Boswell said that is, in essence, a tax increase, and he wouldn't support the budget.

"I think this board owes it to this county not to have a tax increase because the economy is so bad," said Boswell. "If it's bad for the people, it should be bad for the government."

The budget and tax levy both passed, four to one, anyway. Afterward, Board President Craig Hitt defended the budget's contents.

"We have to serve the people, and we have to know that we have a budget that will get us through the next year," said Hitt, "and providing services to the people, and we've done that."

Supervisors say the biggest expenditure for the next year will be replacing worn out road equipment. But they say despite the increased budget, there are still things they would like to have seen it that aren't.