New Era in Demopolis

Maybe you know that Demopolis, Ala. is home to a store owned by the wife of former L.A. Laker A.C. Green, but maybe you didn't know that it has even stronger ties to national sports.

The River City, as it's known, is home to the largest cap manufacturer in the world, New Era.

The company only has three plants in the nation. Two of those are in Alabama and one of those is in Demopolis. New Era is the exclusive cap supplier for Major League Baseball.

Employees say the company basically picked up in providing jobs for the community where Vanity Fair left off when it closed seven years ago.

"It kind of was a blessing for Demopolis," said New Era spokesman Alvin Williams. "The loss of 400 jobs turned into a gain of almost the same amount of jobs some years later."

The growth is stunning considering it started with 13 skilled workers in 1998 and now has a workforce of 397.

Operating computerized equipment may be easy for some people, but these workers can operate 15 sewing machines at once.

"Being computerized, it gives you a feeling of (being overwhelmed), but once you learn the ins and outs of what has to be done to run the machines, it's easy. It's very easy," said division supervisor Justine Cook.