Company Apologizes for Governor's Actions

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A Mississippi company bought a newspaper ad, apologizing for Governor Ronnie Musgrove's refusal to make Interstate 59 a one-way hurricane evacuation route in Mississippi for Louisiana residents.

Musgrove announced his decision shortly after Tropical Storm Isidore hit in late September, saying it would drain manpower needed if the hurricane hit his state.

"We believe Governor Ronnie Musgrove's decision is lacking moral soundness and stewardship associated with good leadership," said the ad in Saturday's edition of The New Orleans Times-Picayune.

It was bought by T-C-B Construction Company of Poplarville, and headlined "AN OPEN LETTER FROM THE CITIZENS OFMISSISSIPPI!"

When Hurricane Lili became a category-four storm, Louisiana Governor Mike Foster said Musgrove had assured him that the 21 miles from the state line to Poplarville would be made one-way if needed. However, it wasn't.

TCB's ad did not mention that, saying it and Mississippi's citizens apologize for Musgrove's decision not to make use of I-59 through Pearl River County for Louisiana residents affected by Hurricane Lili.