Sheriff's Department Upgrades

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The supervisors had already approved the purchase of three new Crown Victoria police cars through the state plus two sports utility vehicles.

The SUVs would be paid for by the Riley Foundation and supplemental money coming to the Sheriff's Department. Then supervisor Craig Hitt pointed out part of the existing fleet was made up of 1993, 1994 and 1997 vintage cars and suggested that two additional Crown Victorias be added to the list.

"That's still going to be leaving us with an old fleet, but in somewhat better shape than were we are and again this would bring that request up to seven vehicles," says Hitt.

However, supervisor Ray Boswell objected. He argued that the sheriff's budget had been raised from $2 million to $7 million over the past eight years.

"We've provided sufficient funds to run the Sheriff's Department in my opinion and I think most constituents out there would say the same thing," says Boswell.

However, Hitt's motion passed three to two with Boswell and Jimmie Smith opposed. Once the motion was safely on the books, Sheriff Sollie turned to Boswell.

"You talk about constituent disapproval of what the sheriff's department's going from $2 million to $7 million. There's 17 precincts in your district. This last election I got 279 more votes than you did," said Sollie.

"Mr. Sollie," said Boswell, "I don't want to get technical about this. I ain't never voted for you!"

Meanwhile, the cars will be ordered this month for delivery early next year.