Class of '75 Mixes it Up

2005 marks the 30th Anniversary for the graduating class of 1975 at Meridian High School. Organizers Sharon Smith and Ann Compton have planned an icebreaker on New Year's Eve to involve all their classmates for a blowout reunion party.

"We came up with the idea to just do something to pull people together during the holiday season," said Smith.

There have been celebrations over the past three decades, but they've not always involved both black and white students together. Members of this class were in the seventh grade when schools were integrated.

"It went well. I just think it didn't gel afterwards and so we planned ours and they planned theirs and they were always welcome and we were welcome either way," said Compton. "But it was just done separately so we're trying to join together this year and see if we can't pull it all together."

"It's time. Thirty years. We went to class together. We played sports together. We sat in the stadium together. We went to the Easter programs together. We were in the senior lounge together, and we all were friends and it's just time for us to get back together and celebrate together," Smith said.

The icebreaker will be at Union Station on Dec. 31, starting at 9:00 p.m. Bring your Reverie and photographs for Show and Tell. Pictures will be scanned for a program book to mark the 30th year Wildcats Reunion.